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We are the local specialists for Baxi Boilers in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and across the North East

If you have a Baxi combi boiler then you have a pretty sound central heating system. Baxi are a world leader in manufacturing boilers that are not only energy efficient but are very affordable. Of course that doesnt help you if you have Baxi boiler problems does it?

We at Boilerline Direct can help and fix Baxi combi boilers with the minimum of fuss, below are some of the services we offer:

New Baxi Boilers Installation & Replacement

We here at Boilerline are fully Gas Safe approved and have completed hundreds of Baxi boiler replacements in the North East. The Baxi boiler range is an excellent range to deal with as far as the boiler installation goes (There are far worse!) Some of the Baxi central heating systems and Baxi Combi boilers we install, repair and service are below:

  • Baxi duo tec 28
  • Baxi duo tec 33
  • Baxi combi 105e
  • Baxi combi 105 he
  • Baxi duo tec 40
  • Baxi duo tec 24

If you have a different type of Baxi back boiler that is not listed above then don’t worry we will certainly still be able to help. They are just some of what we see daily. Please not we do not keep or sell Baxi spares or parts.


Baxi Boiler Repair & Service.

Our team specialise in broken down boilers, getting them back on their feet and that hot water running again! If you need a Baxi repair, whether it be a small fix or something bigger then give our Gas safe engineers a call today. A simple Baxi service can be completed quickly and efficiently and is recommended at least once a year for optimum performance.

Boilerline are Baxi Boilers specialists in the North East

About Baxi

Boilerline Direct often use Baxi boilers in our North East Installations. Its a brand we have used for a long time with the minimum of fuss.

The Baxi name, which comes under the BDR Thermea name, is one of the leading distributors and manufacturers in Europe for domestic and commercial space and water heating systems. The firm employs more than 6,000 people all across Europe and it currently has a turnover which is greater than €1.2 billion. The firm also enjoys a considerable market share in the United Kingdom and across a number of continental markets. The firm has achieved success by operating in emerging markets such as Argentina and Romania while the company also has a strong presence in China, Russia and the Czech Republic.

The company remains a major firm in the United Kingdom

The firm is known for being one of the leading brands for heating products across Europe and they also operate under a number of pseudonyms around the world. In the UK, Baxi has five main sites which are found at Erdington, Wokingham, Norwich, Preston and Warwick.

The company has significantly invested in a range of technologies, including:

  • Boiler products
  • Renewable technologies like solar thermal hot water systems
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Micro combined heat and power boilers

The origins of the firm can be traced back to 1866 when Richard Baxendale, who was known as an iron founder, set-up the Baxendale Company in 1866, which was based in Preston. From its Lancashire origins, the company managed to develop a number of key breakthroughs in the engineering sector, all of which helped to revolutionise the boiler industry and market.

Boilerline Newcastle use baxi boilers

The current Baxi group was created back in November of 2000 due to a merger between Baxi Holdings PLC and Newmond PLC. Even with this merger, the firm remains the biggest employee-owned manufacturing firm, with the original firm being left in a trust that was for the benefit of the employees of the firm. There was a requirement for Parliament to sit and set up the company due to the fact that laws for Trusts in the UK were not compatible with the intentions of the Trust. This led to the Baxi Partnership Limited Trusts Act 2000 being enacted.

This is a traditional British name that is well worth checking out

At Boilerline Direct, we like to see a firm with a strong sense of history and if this history contains major moments in British engineering, all the better. However, a sense of history is not important if the current range of products on offer from a firm is not up to standard. Thankfully, this is not an issue when it comes to Baxi boilers. This is a company name that lives up to its reputation and if you are looking to add a boiler to your home, the Baxi range is well worth checking out. If you are keen to add a boiler to your home in the north east of England, Baxi is a brand we recommend to all Newcastle residents.

With more than 700 registered Baxi installers across the United Kingdom, there is never an issue about finding the right person to install your boiler. It is important to ensure that your boiler is properly installed and this is just one of the many things that Baxi gets right.

baxi-logoBaxi is also a company that understands the importance of a strong warranty and they have been in the news of late for a number of lengthy warranties that they offer for a wide range of their products. An example of this is the 10 year warranty that Baxi has offered for its Platinum Combi HE A Boiler, an indicator in the level of confidence that the firm has in its product range. When it comes to finding a boiler and brand that will be welcome in your home, we believe that the Baxi range of boilers will not let you down. At Boilerline Direct we have reviewed a considerable number of boilers and we believe that these boilers are ideal for your property in Newcastle or the north east of England.


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