Why You Should Install A Combi

boiler central heating thermostatCombi installations are slowly gaining popularity in the industry. It is more preferred in flats and small homes especially here in Newcastle because it is highly efficient in heating up water whenever you need it and it does not require a water cylinder which makes it compact and takes up less space.


Combi System At Home

A combi boiler will best suit the following cases:

  • If you own a loft or a small house with only one bathroom.
  • If you have very little space
  • If you want that cold water tank storage to be converted to a room
  • If you don’t like waiting for your hot water

If the place that you would like us to install the combi boiler is quite big with multiple bathrooms, we would not recommend a combi boiler for you but we would suggest that a pen vent or system boiler would be a better choice as these systems can supply hot water from all outlets at the same time.

More Space In Your Home

energy efficient boiler graphThe combi boiler is a single system that serves a heater and provides hot water. Traditional boilers have separate tanks for hot and cold water, and another for the heating system. That is why this is the most popular option boiler for most households because of its compact form which does not require a lot of space. Combi boilers only provide hot water when demanded unlike conventional boilers that store water which eventually will get cold.

It works in a way that promotes a heat exchanger within the unit, once cold water passes through this area, maximum heat is then transferred which reduced waste of energy and heat. The hot water can be used anywhere in the house as long as outlets are not used all at the same time.

Compact Savings On Combi Boiler

You can save space with this system and can also save money. There are no tank installations required for hot and cold water. There is also less pipe work in this unit, so, no demanding installation is needed.

List Of Features For New Combi Boilers

  • Immediate and unrestricted amount of hot water because there are no cylinders to be refilled
  • Best and practical choice for small households with minimal demand on hot water
  • Compact Heating system because you don’t need two separate cylinder tanks for hot and cold water
  • Since the system is directly connected to main water pipes, the water that will be supplied by the unit will be potable. In all outlets.
  • Maximum production of hot water per minute is 18 litres and the minimum is 9 litres when the water is heated up by at least 35 degrees celcius
  • With the combi boiler, pressure of the water supply does not change so you can run a powerful shower with it
  • Its use is best maximized by small homes it is not recommended for bigger homes with multiple outlets as this might change the pressure of water. It can only sustain one outlet at a time and not for simultaneous use of outlets
  • There is a short waiting time for the boiler’s burner to heat up so expect a slight delay in the delivery of water
  • Combi boilers are not fast enough to heat water for power showers and are slow to fill a bath
  • There are no possible back up or alternative solution in case it fails because it does not have an immersion heater

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Combi Gas Boiler?

  • Combination boilers can immediately provide simultaneously hot water and central heating. Combi boilers have a “hot water priority” which means that when in use, the radiators or the central heating system makes way for the unit to provide hot water.
  • As mentioned above, it cannot supply hot water to multiple outlets such as a shower and sink outlet because the hot water flow rate will be divided by each water source that is used simultaneously.

How Do Combi Boilers Work?

foot-brandsThe cold water mains are the ones that provide the hot water by passing through the boiler and the cold water is heated in the process. When you need the hot water, you might have to wait for a few moments for the water to heat up; just turn on the tap and wait because it will be hot before it reaches the outlet of the tap. Once you finished doing your chores with the hot water, turn the tap off which will be the signal of the boiler system to stop heating the cold water. The central heating system process pretty much works in a similar way, when you turn on the programmer or room thermostat; the water will be pumped around the central heating circuit and once your desired temperature is reached, the boiler will switch off.

New combi boilers are more efficient and cost-effective because they are already condensed which means that they cool down the flue gasses to produce energy. This process cause condensation where in the condensate is acidic, this condensate leaves the boiler via a plastic pipe and exits through a waste pipe or drain. These new condensing boilers are fan flued, which means that this system has a fan that vacuums the fumes and gets rid of it via the flue. This process keeps your appliance safe because the boiler will not start unless the fan is running.

Advantages Compared With A System Boiler

  • A system boiler is a type of a central heating boiler that uses a cylinder tank to store hot water until you need it. It is more expensive and wastes a lot of energy compared to the combi boiler system which will only heat the water per demand.
  • The system boiler is not as compact as the combi boiler because the different materials that make up the system boiler is separated and are found on the external surrounding of the unit. It takes up more space as compare to the combi system which contains all its parts inside the cylinder and can fit in small spaces of homes and lofts.

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