Installing A Combi Boiler In Your Home.

central-heating-warm-red-arrowWear and tear might have caught up with your old system; it might be the perfect time to replace your old with a new model which is more efficient but cost-effective.

The climate in the North of England is notoriously famous due to its frequent exposure to cold temperature. In a nutshell, we need our heating working more than them down south! A boiler is one of the essential appliances inside your household. If your old one does not seem to be doing its job in keeping your home warm, then it’s about time to get a new model.

Here are three ways to get a boiler.

  • Local heating or plumbing company-they can provide you a highly skilled and well experienced worker who knows what he’s doing and can install your boiler in a matter of hours. Contact us here
  • Energy supplier companyBristish Gas or Npower are big companies that offer high quality products. They will usually do a great job but at a cost. The big energy companies are notorious for being extremely expensive and are usually wanting to get you on a monthly energy payment plan that you may never use.
  • Manufacturers don’t usually install but do recommend companies like ours. We offer wide varieties of boilers at Boiler Line Direct, just check out our site and we’ll be glad to assist you in your needs

energy-efficient-boiler-graphEveryone wants to maximize the use of their boiler and of course, wants to save money as much as they can. It is cheaper to fix you old broken boiler then to purchase a new model. But you don’t have to settle for less if it will only cost you more in the future. Before deciding on purchasing a new boiler, you can call us and we’ll send you a representative to check on your old boiler and we’ll tell you honestly if you need a replacement or just a repair. With this thinking, if you need a replacement, we can offer you the combi boiler, it is simple yet the advantages outweigh the negativities in this system.

  • The combi system is designed in a way that is space smart. All components are already found in one compact cylinder so the need for a bigger space is eliminated. This is the most popular type of boiler in the UK as it is ideal for small homes. It does not need a separate tank for hot and cold water.
  • Once you purchase a unit from us, we will provide you a detailed instruction manual and we’ll be happy to explain it for you as well. It is very easy to use, and in the long run; damages are also easy to repair and we would be ready to address that problem for you.
  • It is highly efficient and is has maximum heating capacity so no energy is wasted.
  • Water supply and flow rate is excellent with this kind of system. It is cost efficient and economical as it provides hot water only when you need it.
  • Installation is fast because it has fewer parts compared to the other types of boiler systems.
  • Water supply is directed on one main water line.

Here are a few considerations before deciding on this type of boiler:

  • It cannot supply hot water on multiple outlets all at the same time
  • It can take a few moments to heat up

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