Newcastle Boiler Repair Service

Get an emergency boiler repair Newcastle Upon Tyne  home owners can rely on. We offer a fantastic value for money and efficient service to all of our customers. If you have boiler problems or the central heating is broken our domestic boiler repair service in Newcastle will be able to help. call today.

Modern day central heating systems can be funny things and repairs can arise at any time. First thing to do is not to panic! Our heating services offer a same day call out and one off repairs at a fixed cost.

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Repairing of fixing central heating systems in the majority of homes we visit is a fairly straight forward procedure. Boilers can break down for a number of reasons just like a car or a computer. Anything with that many moving components can have small issues from time to time.

We can help with any Newcastle boiler repair. We can usually get out to see the broken system the same day, if not always within 24 hours. We will assess and run a full diagnostics on the system to see where the fault is happening.

Emergency Boiler Repair? –  Call outs available 7 days a week

Newcastle boiler repair breakdown team

 We can offer fixed price one off boiler repair.

All broken central heating makes and models. Right up to some of the large commercial use which are over over 70kw.

  • Vaillant
  • Worcester
  • Bosch
  • Glow Warm
  • Viessman
  • Potterton
  • Baxi


Contact our Newcastle central heating breakdown team today

Everyone knows how cold a typical winter can be, any your heating can be really inconsiderate breaking down at the worst possible times. But there’s no reason to suffer the chill without a fully working and reliable solution. Our engineers are on hand get to yours fixed and working as fast as possible and with our competitive rates you wont need a bank loan to get the heating back on. If your live in Newcastle or surrounding area’s call our North East team on 0191 254 3002 today.


What you won’t here from our heating engineers

  • I might be able to come next week!
  • We cant fit you in for 2 weeks!
  • It sound like it maybe could be xyz!
  • Can I give you a quote over the phone

These are just a few humorous examples of what you can expect to here with some tradesmen. This kind of tradesmen are really only interested in themselves. We are different. We understand that your heating may off, and that your home may be freezing. We understand this is a real priority to you and we make you our priority.

What you will get from the Boilerline breakdown team

  • Someone will answer right away.
  • They will book a fast and convenient appointment
  • We will get out within 24 hours, usually under 12
  • We will run a full diagnostics on your unit and system.
  • We will supply a full breakdown of what is required.
  • If its small, with your consent we will endeavour to fix the problem then and there.
  • If its large, we will class you as an emergency boiler repair and we will get you to the front of the line.

We understand the position you are in if it breaks and needs fixed. Its certainly not much fun having the heating breakdown, but its even worse if your struggling for a repair company that you can rely on. We understand it’s an emergency so for a boiler repair North East residents can trust wont let them down again call us today.

If you need a reliable boiler repair in Newcastle Upon Tyne or anywhere across the North East then call today on 0191 254 3002, our team will make sure your not left in the cold.


If your looking for a reliable Gas Safe engineer for your boiler