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When it comes to replacing your central heating system, we are only a phone call away. We offer a fast, friendly and affordable Boiler replacement service for Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham.

Boilerline boiler-replacement advertWhether your heating system is old and has seen better days, or your looking for something more energy efficient. Then boiler replacement questions need to be asked and answered. You need to make sure that the next one you have installed is everything you need and the very best you can get within your budget.

3 things you will need to consider are:

  • Is there a better place for the unit to go to save space?
  • Is the replacement going to save money on the bills? If so how much?
  • Which local companies are Gas Safe approved and have an excellent track record?

Remember the old system that used to virtually have its own bedroom!

Yes we do too! Happily the days of the old tank having more space than your youngest child are gone. Nowadays days, combi systems heat the water on demand when you want it, so not only saving you a vast amount on your energy bills, but also allows you to claim back the that much needed space.

3 easy places for your replacement to go.

  • The garage – One of the most popular, especially if you use your garage for storage and other things like the freezer etc.
  • The loft – Yes this is straightforward enough and the most popular choice. Completely out of the way. Perfect!
  • Under the stairs – Its sometime possible to utilize the space under the stairs for your new system. Not on every job but more so if you have a cupboard already under the stairs.


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energy efficient boiler graphThe boiler in your home makes up for nearly 60% of your total energy costs and bills. When its put like that you soon realise that choosing the right one is now a big decision. Much the same as you wouldn’t buy a car that was very bad on fuel, you want an option that is saving you money and reducing your energy bills, not the other way round.

Replacing the an old gas boiler with high efficiency energy saving condensing boiler which is A rated could start saving you money right away and could save an average house as much as £300 -£400 per year.

New modern units have moved on significantly in recent years and this is mostly due to the majority are now condensing systems.

Choosing who should work on your central heating system.

gas safe engineer listLike any work on your home you should always look to get recommended or approved installers if you really cant do the project yourself. Doing things on the cheap usually doesn’t pay and the bigger the project is, normally when it goes wrong the bigger the headache is. Heating system replacement in the North East requires by law than the engineer carrying out the installation is on the Gas Safe List and is completely approved. A lot of tradesman are claiming to carry this certificate but are not actually approved. There are are few things you should look to do when having yours replaced.

3 things to to do before choosing a heating engineer.

  • Check and confirm they are Gas Safe Engineers, flashing a card is not enough. Go here and check they are there.
  • Get everything in writing. Without everything in writing you are relying on what has been discussed which is not ideal.
  • Fixed costs . Ask for a quote that includes everything and every eventuality, you do not want your heating company asking for more money every time they need something else. A reputable central heating company should be able to assess the work and materials involved and give you a fixed free quote for everything.

All of our North East heating engineers are Gas Safe Approved.

Those are the 3 rules we work to, but we know that others work differently. If you live in Newcastle or around the North East and need a boiler replacement service. Speak to our team today 0191 2543002 or contact us here 

If your looking for a reliable Gas Safe engineer for your boiler