The Cost Of Installing A New Boiler

thermostat for new boilerFrom about September the UK is frequently exposed to cold months, your old central heating system might have already served you well through the years. Maybe it’s time to find a new and better model and replace the old one with a more efficient model.

The climate in the UK gets colder each year, and unlucky for those who live in Newcastle, the climate seems to be worse in this part of England. However, we cannot do much about the fact that there are really cold months and to prevent that unpleasant and uncomfortable chilly feeling, you need to make sure that you have an efficient and modern system installed in your homes. A competent boiler will ensure that you and your family are comfortable and warm through the cold months of rain and snow.

Of course, just like anything else, a decision like this should be well planned. Have your old boiler checked by professionals first before deciding if you really need a new one or the old one is still working but needs a few repairs and maintenance. And while you’re at it, decide on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on this.

What Types Of System Are There?

There are a range of systems in which a boiler is able to execute its heating functions.

  • Combi Boiler System-this is the most popular choice of boiler in the UK. Unlike the other types of boilers, the combi boiler is compact in shape, it does not need a bulky storage cylinder, and it can easily fit into storage cupboards which makes it ideal for homes with limited spaces. Most of our systems come with minimal piping which is advantageous in installation to most homes. Combi boilers make hot water readily available because it uses water that is directly connected to main pipes, which also maintains the pressure of water. Our units come with a comprehensive instruction manual which is easy to comprehend. These systems are exceptionally energy efficient which means there is no wasted energy and your houses are heated at maximum capacity. The only disadvantage to combi boiler is that; since it is connected to main water line, it will be hard for it to provide hot water to multiple outlets at once.

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  • Sealed Boiler System-also called as system boilers. They provide efficient central heating and hot water via a storage cylinder. It is like the combi boiler which is compact and is easy to use but it needs a tank in the airing cupboard. It is also easy to install causing you to pay lesser fees. Unlike the combi system, it allows you to use hot water from different outlets which is particularly advantageous for bigger households but you also have to wait for the water to heat up. This system is much cheaper than the combi boiler.


  • Traditional Heating System-also known as regular or heat-only system. Installation for this type is best for larger homes and those with more than one bathroom. For cases that boilers break down, it is best to have a backup, an electrical immersion heater can be fitted to the hot water cylinder for that matter. Two tanks should be available for the hot and cold water that is why a greater space is needed. A programmable control is also needed to heat the water inside the cylinder. It is not as energy efficient as the first two systems but it is easier to repair in cases of leaks or damages in the piping.

boiler maintenance and repairsIt is essential to research price ranges of each unit and the installation cost so as not to create problems in your budget. You can visit our site and talk to us about your boiler concerns. It might be good to find an excellent deal from manufacturers who offer units and installation as a promo.  Also, you can talk to our representatives for inquiries regarding warrantees and insurances of your unit, we can also assist you in the maintenance and check-up of the system you will purchase from us. Once your chosen system is installed you will be more than ready for the cold months.


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